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Aboriginal Quarry Site, Rocky Point, Port Cygnet - Maritime Archaeological Investigation

The South East Tasmania Aboriginal Corporation (SETAC) received funding to examine options for the protection and management of significant archaeological sites in the area around Cygnet, Tasmania. One site to be examined was that of an Aboriginal stone quarry site at Rocky Bay. The quarry site is located on the shore line and some of the worked boulders are in the intertidal zone. SETAC wished to determine whether any worked boulders are located beyond the tidal zone and how far the stone artefacts are scattered into the bay. Cosmos Archaeology surveyed the area out from Rocky Point and was able to determine the presence and continuation of the rock outcrop up to 16 m out from the low water line, and within 2 m of water. The stone resource may continue further out, but the seabed has formed since the last major sea level rise, obscuring the site.