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INPEX Ichthys LNG Project Nearshore Development Dredging - Relocation of Heritage Objects and Removal of Debris

A LNG gas plant was being built by INPEX in East Arm, Darwin Harbour. This project required dredging certain areas of the harbour, but remote sensing of these areas determined thousands of targets of cultural material to be inspected and raised before dredging begins. Cosmos Archaeology, with a team of archaeologists, was embedded within a dive company that conducted searches and lifting of targets. Archaeologists involved include Britt Burton, Matt Carter, Darren Cooper, Andy Dodd, Kevin Edwards, Dr James Hunter III, Silvano Jung, Rob McKinnin, Amer Khan, Peta Knott, David Nutley, Jason Raupp, Stirling Smith, Dan Tuck, and Caroline Wilby. The archaeologists assess the significance of these targets and recommend appropriate actions, as well as preparing an inventory of all the raised objects and their significance. Cosmos Archaeology created a database of all sites, inspections, artefacts and other information. This project began with initial inspections conducted in 2011 and continued until early 2014.