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East Point Outfall, Darwin, Northern Territory - Heritage Impact Assessment and UXO survey.

The Power and Water Corporation (PWC) was proposing an extension to the East Point outfall for sewage in Darwin, Northern Territory. PWC contracted Cosmos Archaeology to undertake a HIA and UXO survey first by conducting a desktop study before undertaking a remote sensing survey and dive inspections. The desktop assessment found a total of nine shipwrecks, ten aircraft wrecks and numerous types of UXO that could be in the area. Remote sensing identified 134 targets which were then inspected by a commercial dive team and a pedestrian survey team led by an archaeologist. Collectively, 70 sites were inspected with 11 found to contain cultural objects. The pedestrian survey also identified 469 previously unknown cultural objects of potential cultural heritage significance. The bulk of this, being 223 objects, were in situ mostly linear arrangements of star pickets which represent remains of barbed wire coastal defences installed during the construction and/or use of the East Point Battery during the 1930s-40s. This, along with the ‘Singapore-type’ observation post, were assessed to be of moderate significance. Other features included a star picket line associated with the current sewerage outfall pipe, an 86 m long track of mesh panels, elements of concrete building and structural debris as well as objects considered to be WWII debris. The mesh track was assessed to be of low-moderate significance and the other scattered remains as low significance.