Staff at Cosmos Archaeology

Cosmos Coroneos

Director and archaeologist Cosmos Coroneos has an Honours degree in Archaeology from the University of Sydney and a Post Graduate Diploma in Maritime Archaeology from Curtin University. Cosmos has worked in government as a project officer in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory both as a historical and maritime archaeologist. He has operated Cosmos Archaeology Pty Ltd since 1997.  Cosmos has also participated in academic and Government projects in Australia, New Guinea, Saipan, Italy and Greece, in varying capacities from volunteer specialist to field director.

Cosmos is a former President of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology (AIMA). AIMA is the peak non-government body, which advises the Commonwealth on maritime heritage. In his position, Cosmos is well informed on heritage legislation and practices around the country.


Caroline Wilby

Caroline Wilby is a senior archaeologist with Cosmos Archaeology. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (classical archaeology, history andcriminology) from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Australian archaeology from La Trobe University. With over 16 years experience as an archaeologist, Caroline has been involved in various Aboriginal, historical and maritime projects in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, as well as projects in Indonesia, Hong Kong SAR and Laos PDR.


Gina Scheer

Gina Scheer is an archaeologist and heritage consultant with Cosmos Archaeology. She has a Masters in Heritage Conservation and over twelve years of experience in heritage and archaeology. Gina’s expertise includes built heritage assessments, heritage impact statements, advice, site surveys, archaeological monitoring and conservation management plans. She is an approved excavation director for State heritage monitoring projects. Gina has built up a sound knowledge of relevant State and Commonwealth heritage and conservation legislation and of the relevant guidelines for undertaking heritage assessments and archaeology projects. She has completed historical archaeological assessments and worked in the field on a range of excavation projects. Her background also includes Aboriginal assessments and consultation. Gina has a demonstrated capacity to provide heritage advice and guidance for a diversity of sites and a range of private and public clients.


Milly Bendell

Milly Bendell, assistant archaeologist with Cosmos Archaeology, has a Bachelor of Business from James Cook University, a Graduate Certificate in Archaeology and Maritime Archaeology and is completing a Masters in Maritime Archaeology at Flinders University of South Australia. Milly has worked on maritime and historical archaeological projects throughout Australia and internationally. She is a qualified advanced diver, with underwater and terrestrial experience in New South Wales, South Australia and Vietnam. Milly’s skills range from recording terrestrial and maritime archaeological sites and artefacts, office administration and social media management.