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Removal of Upper Portions of S.S. Dicky

In late July 2015 the Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) undertook removal of the upper portions of the wreck of S.S. Dicky, which is located in the intertidal zone on Dicky Beach, Caloundra. The SCC cited concerns both for public safety and on-going loss of heritage significance as the reasons for the disturbance of the site, especially in light of recent deterioration of the wreck. Cosmos Archaeology prepared all preliminary documentation for the works including a Heritage Impact Assessment, Conservation Management Plan and Wreck Interpretation Plan. With these documents a permit was obtained from the Department of Environment and Heritage and Cosmos Archaeology directed the excavation and cutting. The starboard side was cut down the side keelson. This was seen to reduce the risk of vertical elements for public safety. There were also key heritage elements that were at risk of further collapse which were securely removed. The cutting involved hand held circular saws which worked efficiently and cleanly. Extensive recording was also undertaken in order to preserve scientific and archaeological information of the removed elements. Ongoing monitoring is being undertaken of the remaining in situ wreck remains as well as the production of interpretive displays using shipwreck material.